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Athabasca University

Alison Lewis

Individualized Study Tutor



  • B.Ed. Alberta
  • M.Ed. Portland
  • Ph.D. (IP) University of Alberta


Alison Lewis has been tutoring Athabasca University students since 2004. She tutors students in Human Services 311 as well as in Psychology 400 and Psychology 471. She considers herself fortunate to be part of two teams within Athabasca University and enjoys the diverse range of tutoring that results from service to both of these educational centres. Alison has acted as the program coordinator for human services and for the inclusive education diploma program and completed a revision for Psychology 471.

Alison holds a Bachelor's degree in education with a primary focus in special education as well as a Master's degree with a focus on leadership in education. Alison is currently working on her Ph.D. in the area of educational policy studies. Her research interests fall in the area of inclusivity and diversity with a specific focus on sexual minorities studies.

Alison has worked in the field of human services for over 20 years, many of them in education where she has taught grades one through 12 in the public education system. Since 1999 her teaching has been primarily at the post-secondary level. Alison has a diverse range of post-secondary teaching experiences, including both undergraduate and graduate courses as well as face to face and distance education.

Alison thoroughly enjoys tutoring Human Services 311; she especially recognizes the benefits she receives such as getting to know her students through their journal writings and reflective assignments.

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