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Project Courses: A Tutorial


Hi, my name is Merlyn.

This website is a tutorial designed to show you what Project Courses are and how to use them. In the last two years I have used three Athabasca University Project Courses to design and develop the Safe OnLine Outreach Project (SOLO). Throughout this tutorial I will use my experiences to discuss some ideas that may help you to develop your own projects. I'll be telling the story of SOLO and giving you some suggestions in the sidebars. It's a long and twisty road, so hang on for the ride, and I'll do my best to show you how project courses can work for you.

Part One of this tutorial will be an introduction. I will give you some background about where I come from and my experiences that led me to returning to school.

  1. The Saga Begins
  2. Getting Started
  3. Tools
    1. Makings Lists
    2. Look in the Closet
  4. Making a Big Mess
  5. Suggested Readings

Part Two will focus on the process of designing the project courses.

  1. Background of the SOLO Idea
  2. Tools - Identifying Themes in your Dreams
  3. SOLO - Safe OnLine Outreach
  4. Tools - Ideas and Suggestions
  5. The First Project Course
  6. Tools - How Project and Directed Readings Courses Work
  7. Learning Contract - Noose or Net
  8. The Second and Third Project Course
  9. Doing the Work
  10. Summary
  11. Last Words

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