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Project Courses: A Tutorial

Making a Big Mess

TrunkThis brainstorming phase created a big mess in my studio. I found lots of things I'd forgotten about. A newspaper article stuck in an old journal reminded me that I'd been involved in Board work since the early 90's, and, at one point, had been Chair of a Food Bank Committee.

The big themes that came up for me were my passion for working with youth, for youth, and on issues relating to youth. Even though I'd burnt-out doing frontline work and didn't want to work directly with individual youths anymore, I realized that I remained very enthusiastic about teaching younger youth workers about advocacy, sexual exploitation, and streetwork.

I also realized that being a computer geek was a hidden aspiration of mine. While I had stubbornly resisted using computers for years, I found that once I started to learn about them, I was very interested in how I could make them do what I wanted. I also thought that while youth work was a low income field, dependent on the whim of whatever government was setting the priorities of youth services that year, the technology sector was a growth industry and was likely to remain so (even after the big dot com crash of 2000).

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