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Project Courses: A Tutorial

Last Words

I hope this story and suggestions will assist you in planning your project course work. I know that for me, the opportunity to complete self-directed courses has helped me tremendously. It's given me the opportunity not only to complete a degree, but also to create a project that is viable. My experience is only one example of what can be done. Yours will obviously be different. Here are a few final suggestions for you as you work through this process:

  • Respect your own expertise.
    • Don't minimize what you know. Use it to your full advantage. You are the starting point.
  • Jump into the great unknown!
    • Don't be afraid to head into unknown territory.
  • Prepare for a personal intellectual journey.
    • You never know what may be useful.
  • A University degree can reframe experience.
    • Reframing experience can produce learning.
    • Learning may produce new knowledge and degree completion.
  • Rethink experience, learning, and new knowledge.
  • You are the starting point.
  • Use course work toward your university degree.
  • Brainstorm.
  • Messy and complex is good!
  • Affirm personal intellectual commitment with the aid of new resources.
  • Put yourself in the centre of the picture.
  • Identify themes threading through your dream and expand on the possibilities.
  • Pay the bills and network while meeting course requirements.

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