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Project Courses: A Tutorial

Learning Contract—Noose or Net?

Learning Contracts when done right, work for you.

Learning Contracts in general can be broken down into five sections:

  • Goals,
  • Objectives,
  • Learning activities,
  • Resources and
  • Evaluation.

Work through the sections methodically. Don't worry if you seem to be repeating yourself. Learning activities should meet objectives; objectives should meet goals, and the language throughout should be consistent. Your task is to complete the circle.

I often found that when I wasn't sure what to research. I'd then refer back to my Learning Contract and get reoriented. It's worth the time to work through the Learning Contract systematically—it will help you, and your Course Supervisor, be clear and remain focused about what is expected of each of you.

Be Open to modifying the ideas

You may find that a certain component of the Learning Contract is not as relevant as you thought it would be. Contact your Course Coordinator. It is possible to modify some of the course objectives if it makes sense to do so. Being open to rethinking your project leaves you the room to make sure you get as much learning as you can in the process.

Updated February 18 2016 by Student & Academic Services

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