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Project Courses: A Tutorial

The First Project Course

My first project course developed in three parts. (All courses must have three pieces of work that will be graded). The research paper I ended up writing was on the relevant laws, legislation, policies, and conventions that have jurisdiction or relevance to the area of sexual exploitation online.

I did this Project with the help of Renata Aebi, who is Executive Director of the Alliance on the Rights of the Child.

  • The Alliance had been working with one of the local municipalities on creating municipal policy for Internet use.
  • They were looking for someone to facilitate a municipal-wide consultation of city policies, municipal staff guidelines, school board policies and protocols and city by-laws administration. In conversation with her, she said that she needed to be able to educate the city administrators about what laws etc. already exist in order to inform a process of reevaluation. I was anxious to research any aspect of online exploitation, so I offered to do the literature review on this topic.
  • The added bonus of this project course was that the municipality had money set aside for research.
    • I actually got paid to do the work. I was able to buy some groceries and offset some student loans with the money I made on what became the report Reducing Child Victimization. The municipality has since published the report and will be distributing it in the near future.
    • This work also added a fresh line to my resume.
    • This one project was a springboard to the next one, contributing to it in significant ways.
    • The subject of the project has since become part of my core research, and, as I'll tell you at the end, I now make my living doing this.

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