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Project Courses: A Tutorial

Ideas and Suggestions

  • Individualized study can pay for groceries.
    • Remember that just because it is schoolwork doesn't mean that you can't blend economic and academic aspirations. If there is a need for research or project development that is going to be done in your community, there's nothing wrong with getting paid to do the work. Just be sure to be clear with everyone involved. Make sure you will meet the academic requirements of the project course.
  • Use your existing networks.
    • Don't hesitate to talk to others about your ideas and plans. Often a conversation over coffee will do more to get a project going than all the lists and diagrams combined!
  • Involving others.
    • Approach professionals you admire or respect.
    • Ask questions.
    • Take advantage of being a student; you might be surprised by the response you get.
  • Remember: if you have a project that appears to be too large for a project course, you can always break it into more manageable chunks.
  • You might use more than one course for discrete parts of a large project.
  • Be open to possibilities.
    • Synchronicity and opportunities sometimes appear at surprising times. Use them when they happen.
    • Remain flexible.
    • Some of the information I initially found didn't seem relevant until later.

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