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Project Courses: A Tutorial


SOLO has evolved into a five-year plan with three major objectives over those 5 years. The Project has been written up as a Proposal that was submitted to the National Crime Prevention Program in October of 2001. I have negotiated with two groups whose members are interested in partnering with the SOLO. One is a non-profit society and the other is an academic web portal project that will partner with the high tech industry to create an information resource about Canadian communication interests. I have assembled an Advisory Board for the Project consisting of 8 varied, educated professionals in the law enforcement, forensic psychiatry, human rights, academic, and social service sectors who are willing to be advisors and advocates for SOLO.

I've used these specific academic opportunities to become well versed in the work that has been done in this area, with networking and stimulating interest in people I already knew in the social service field. It hasn't been without its risks. I consciously made myself research any area that might reveal why my online outreach idea wouldn't work so that I would be sure I was on solid ground. I haven't yet found a reason why it won't work and am becoming more skilled at communicating that to funding partners.

It can be said that lots of what has happened with the SOLO Project has been luck and timing to this point. I agree. I have almost completed my degree and picked a future direction for myself. As well, I have become knowledgeable in a specialized field with the potential to make my living by parenting SOLO for the foreseeable future.

I live and work in a time of rapidly changing issues and technologies and have been able to come up with an idea that is timely, topical, relevant and not addressed by any other person or group in Canada.

Project courses were instrumental in this process because the courses do provide some necessary limited structure with supportive supervision. They enabled me to spend energy consciously exploring a field and areas where I might not have gone, if I didn't have deadlines and commitments to meet while doing it. They have provided the freedom to explore a little developed field on the cusp of an information revolution.

Some days I have been amazed at the synchronicity of events, people and information that have been part of the process of developing this idea. The Project has become a demanding toddler known as SOLO - the Safe On-Line Outreach.

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