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Project Courses: A Tutorial

Identifying Themes in your Dreams

Look into the themes that begin to emerge.

  • What themes begin to emerge? What are the main ideas that have to do with your current interests, work, or volunteer activities? Consider your entire world, and try to identify what you are most passionate about. What topic fully engages and excites you? Where is your passion? What do you do even if you don't get paid for it? What ideas or projects could you base on that passion?
  • Ask supervisors, or coworkers, or other people you respect what they would do with the opportunity to research or explore something.
  • Search for ideas in libraries or on the web using a few key terms to clarify your idea. This might bring up new aspects of the theme you hadn't considered before.
  • Look in industry publications. Is there a trend or area of interest you have that you would like to explore?

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