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Project Course Tutorials

Students at the senior level may take project courses. This section provides you with information that may assist you if you undertake a project course(s).

Project Courses: A Tutorial

Hi, my name is Merlyn.

This website is a tutorial designed to show you what Project Courses are and how to use them. In the last two years I have used three Athabasca University Project Courses to design and develop the Safe OnLine Outreach Project (SOLO). Throughout this tutorial I will use my experiences to discuss some ideas that may help you to develop your own projects. I'll be telling the story of SOLO and giving you some suggestions in the sidebars. It's a long and twisty road, so hang on for the ride, and I'll do my best to show you how project courses can work for you.

Part One of this tutorial will be an introduction. I will give you some background about where I come from and my experiences that led me to returning to school.

Part Two will focus on the process of designing the project courses.

Note: Project Courses: A Tutorial on the What and How of Project Courses is also available as a MS Word (173 KB).

Canadian Research Ethics Tutorials

There are now two Human Subject Research tutorials available online pertinent to Canadian researchers. The AU Research Ethics Board encourages AU course writers and coordinators to include these resources in research-related courses and assignments.

1. The PRE TCPS Online Tutorial

Funded by the TriCouncil (SSHRC, NSERC, and CIHR) federal funding agencies, this tutorial is designed as a basic Canadian research ethics course, suitable for faculty, student, research ethics board members and administrators. This tutorial:

  • can be completed without registering; however, registration provides a certificate upon completion and makes it easier to leave the tutorial and return to where you left off
  • takes about four hours to complete in one sitting, or you can jump in and out at your own convenience
  • provides some excellent links to other ethic resources.

The Athabasca University Research Ethics Board currently recommends use of the tutorial as a basic research resource, but completion is NOT mandatory to receive ethics approval for research proposals.

2. The Quebec Research Ethics Tutorial

Funded by the Quebec government, this tutorial provides basic Canadian research ethics training, as well as more focused attention on ethics issues pertinent to research in Quebec health and social services. This tutorial:

  • is designed for Research Ethics Board members and ethics administrative staff
  • provides good insight into what is expected for health and social service research ethics proposals in Quebec
  • is available in both English and French
  • contains five (5) modules
  • takes between 30 and 80 minutes to complete.
  • Registration to take the tutorial is mandatory.

There is a fair amount of information that can be reviewed on the site without completing the tutorial.

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